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Rift 4.1: Forged In Flame

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Samstag, 28. Januar 2017, 15:59

Rift 4.1: Forged In Flame

We are excited to announce the next chapter in Starfall Prophecy with 4.1: Forged in Flame! On March 1st, join us to explore new systems and content in Telara.

We've become familiar with the struggles of the Comet of Ahnket;
sections of the Planes of Life and Fire have been torn up and merged
with the enigmatic and malevolent Tenebrean. Now the lords of Fire and
Life battle for control of the comet's power, while Ahnket herself is
bent on the destruction of Telara.

It is up to you, Ascended, to change the dreadful fate that lies in
store for our beloved lands. It is time to assail the Lords of Fire!

Forged in Flame brings with it a new 10-man raid: Tartartic Depths.
This fiery prison was created by the devils to imprison the Red Flight -
to ensure that no dragon would ever hold sway over them again, as
Maelforge once did.

Rituals conducted within the Tartaric Depths have created Malannon, an
avatar of the Tenebrean god, The Enigma. Some of you have glimpsed one
of the four bosses on the Public Test Shard already, and there are three
more to come.

Tartaric Depths is accessed through our new Looking For Raid (LFR
system), already in game and being fine tuned as we approach 4.1.

Forged in Flame will also see the introduction of the long awaited Eternal Items!
These unique weapons will be earned (and improved) through a level 70
questline. Developing your Eternal weapon will require you to complete
many challenges, such as sealing rifts, conquering jumping puzzles and
vanquishing monsters. Every Eternal Item is truly "Best in Slot,"
providing an unmatched degree of power.

Clerics, Mages, Warriors and Primalists will gain a 2-handed Eternal
weapon, while Rogues will earn two one-handed Eternal weapons. On very
rare occasions, Eternal armor pieces and additional weapons will also
drop in Telara, and can be improved through the Active Upgrade system.

Intrepid Gyel Fortress is already well into development and will release in February, but 4.1 will bring Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix as well! This brings yet another level 70 challenge to the game.

Finally, we are bringing exciting tint improvements to the
wardrobe system! Colors will be much more accurate to the dye selected;
more vibrant and appealing. New colors will also make an appearance!

There is no additional charge for this update - it will be accessible to
all who have invested in Starfall Prophecy. We'll bring you more
information as we march toward launch. Watch for articles and
livestreams to come!

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